Prof. Dr. Nico Pfeifer

Methods in Medical Informatics
Dr. Nico Pfeifer

Current Position W3 Professor for Computer Science (Methods in Medical Informatics)
Address Department of Computer Science, Sand 14, 72076 Tübingen
Email Surname at


Year Degree College or University (Country) Field of study
2009 Dr. rer. nat. Universität Tübingen (Germany) Bioinformatics/Computational Biology
2005 M.Sc. Universität Göttingen (Germany) Applied Computer Science
2004 B.Sc. Universität Göttingen (Germany) Applied ComputerScience (direction: Bioinformatics)


Period Institution Position Discipline
Since 2017 Universität Tübingen W3 Professor Computer Science
Since 2013 Max Planck Institute for Informatics Group leader Statistical Learning in Computational Biology
2011 – 2012 Max Planck Institute for Informatics Post-Doc Statistical Learning in Computational Biology
2009 – 2011 Microsoft Research Post-Doc Machine Learning in Computational Biology


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*: equal contribution, †: These authors jointly supervised this work

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*: equal contribution

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